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YoviAudio Engineer
Hey, my name is Yovi and I’m a professional audio engineer from Toronto, Canada. I got into music at the age of 9 with classical piano lessons, and from there I expanded into recording, production, sound design, and audio engineering. I’ve played in jazz & rock bands, orchestras, DJ’d at large venues, produced songs in various genres, and mixed and mastered for artists across the world. Music is … well, kind of my life.

Get the mix you’ve always wanted.

Louder Mix 90%
Cleaner Mix 95%
Wider Mix 85%
Better Mix 100%

Let my 10 years of audio experience turn your music into something sonically amazing. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on gear to make great music, however you do need to spend just a little on a great audio engineer. I’ve worked with all sorts of genres – acoustic, pop, new r&b, rock, hiphop, rap, trap, edm, and the list goes on. With my online mixing and mastering service you’re not only getting a great end product that you’ll want to show to of all your friends and followers, but amazing customer service, quick replies, fast turn around time, unbeatable pricing, and an awesome overall experience.

See What My Clients Have Actually Said

“Excellent service, I highly recommend Yovi Records to any upcoming musicians looking to get a professional sound out of their home recordings. I myself use his mixing and mastering service and was definitely impressed with Yovi’s patience, skill, attention to detail, and dedication towards making my song sound as good as possible.”
Farhaan Abdul, Independent Musician
“Yovi is a very talented producer but he’s exceptionally gifted when it comes to mixing and mastering. He has mastered 15 + albums for my label. I wish him all the success that his many talents will surely bring!”
Edward Bose, Lifted Music Group
“Yovi’s literally the best. Just send him your files and he will take it from there. He always gets the exact sound that I had pictured in my mind without me even telling him what to do! HIGHLY recommend to all fellow musicians out there.”
Alexxis , Independant Artist
“Straight up Yovi’s one of the greatest producers I know. Get him to mix, master, produce, record your song, or anything else and he will turn it to gold. Always an amazing experience working with him and I’m always excited to hear the final product at the end.”

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